Chris Rodrigues Biography

Chris Rodrigues has spent the greater part of his life learning and creating music.  Born in Asheville North Carolina, he has built his sound around the influence of traditional Appalachian music, gospel, and blues.   He got his first guitar and set of drums when he was 4 after favoring his toy drums and toy guitar over every other toy.  He loved toys but would always end up with a guitar in his hands or banging on some drums.  His uncle John Lunsford, who played the banjo just like Earl Scruggs and was a hot guitar picker as well, showed Chris his first chord.  While most of his friends were chasing girls and playing sports,  Chris spent most of his time learning and playing music.  From an early age he spent time in rock and metal bands, usually playing lead guitar or drums.

His music changed directions shortly after graduating high school.  Chris fell in love with songwriting while working several odd jobs cleaning houses and doing yard work with his mom.  Songwriting created an outlet for Chris to tell his friends and family how he felt.  He grew up in a mobile home sitting on the edge of a farm.  It was located about 20 minutes outside of Asheville.  Shortly after Chris’s 5th birthday, his parents divorced.  Making enough money to keep the bills paid was a constant struggle for his single mother.

Before Chris was born, she worked in the bank for 20 years. She knew if she kept the job she had that someone else would see his first steps and hear his first words, so she quit the bank and started working for herself.  She had already worked a whole heap of jobs that demanded physical labor. She had had a yard service, was a front-end loader operator, a maid, cleaned newly built houses before they sold, cleaned houses weekly that people lived in, and countless other random jobs. Chris always helped her clean and as soon as he was old enough they were a cleaning team.  As the years went by so did her health and Chris’s mom had to have several surgeries leaving her unable to work.  Chris got work helping on a handful of different construction jobs while playing for drinks and tips at local bars and coffee shops. Making the money to pay bills and survive while his mom was in bed recovering from surgery was nearly impossible.

Chris was going to the doctor and had been diagnosed with PTSD and severe depression from earlier events. Having no car or means of transportation Chris was on and off medications. Missing doctors appointments due to circumstances was more than frustrating.  No transportation and no helping handled to being fired from several different jobs. As the bills piled up, he knew he couldn’t do this all on his own.  This is when he decided to let go of what he thought he knew and put all his trust in Christ.  He had never gone to church regularly but he had always believed in God and even went to bible school every summer. He was on rock bottom and knew Jesus was reaching his hand out for anyone who would grab, so Chris grabbed on.  After receiving Christ, Chris’s music started having a more spiritual foundation.  He started including God in his own songs.  He had also found a new love, taking old spiritual songs and reworking them to his own style.

Chris wasn’t making anything in the clubs and bars playing music so he decided to try another avenue. He went downtown Asheville to play on the street corner in late 2012 and by late 2013 he was busking 3 to 4 days a week. Soon after he met Abby the spoon lady while waiting on a busking spot. In Asheville, the buskers play 2 hours and move on to another spot to play another 2 hours. For a few weeks Chris had waited on Abby and her band to play and she would wait on him to play. Chris’s mom suggested Chris and Abby busk a set together.  For the past few years, Chris has been playing with Abby and have released one album called “Working on Wall Street” and have two more in the works.